The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

I am more than an illustrator. I am a storyteller. My tales are a rich mixture of precious childhood memories and fairy tales. I weave together lines to celebrate the beauty and elegance of nature and human form. And sprinkled within that tapestry are touches of whimsy that bring to mind the wonderment of childhood and play. It is my way of rekindling youth with a wink and infinite mirth.

An architect by training, I create works in pen and ink that are filled with intricate detail and influenced by stringent rules of design. The elements I choose often hold symbolic meaning, and I take care to piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle to tell an overall story.

I have drawn millions of lines as an artist and have told many stories, from my initial scenes of houses to the Yahoo! Purplescape campaign to more experimental pieces that have won international competitions and garnered gallery exhibitions. But I still feel that I have many more stories to tell and a million more lines to draw.




“Checkmate++” (Solo Show), Secret Fresh Gallery, Manila, Philippines
“The Blank Show”, Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
“Le Rêve du Lapin”, Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
“Bear in Mind”, Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
“ARKITIST: An Architect + Artist Exhibit”, UP Diliman, Philippines


“Reinvention Art Exhibition”, Clutter Gallery, NY
“Bedtime Stories”, Myplasticheart, NY
“Young Art Taipei”, Sheraton Grande Taipei, Taiwan


“Fonzo Show”, Dragatomi, Sacramento, CA
“Custom RAAAR! Show”, Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
“Fonzo Loves the UK”, The SHO Gallery, Cardiff, UK
“Art Without Border”, Art Whino Gallery, National Harbor, MD


“Sneaky Snow Ball”, Kidrobot, London, UK
“Tiger Translate” Global Showcase, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
“Herzensbrecher”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Bronze Metal, Adobo Design Awards 2013, Philippines
Most Honorable Mention PRO-Series Kidrobot Munny Month


Fan Favourite, Tiger Translate Streets, UlaanBaatar, Mongolia
Best Munny, Kidrobot Munny Month



Sinag Maynila Trophy Design, Solar Entertainment Corporation, Manila, 2015
Otto Björnik x Kidrobot Collaboration: Mayari Dunny, 2014
Otto Björnik x J*RYU Collaboration: Locket and Phainein, FLABSLAB, Singapore, 2013
Tiger Translate Streets, Tiger Beer, Mongolia, 2012
Yahoo! Purplescape book illustrations, Yahoo! Southeas Asia, 2009
Yahoo! Big Idea Chair stage design, Spikes Awards Singapore, 2009



“I am one of the lucky people who received a commissioned painting by an outstanding artist.  For a long time, my wife and I tried to decipher several of your symbols.  I am sure we will find some more and other people, my children in particular, will enjoy solving/looking/examning your labor of love.  Actually this is the most enjoyable painting we now have at the house. More power to you.”
– Dr. Benito S. Vergara, Philippine National Scientist
“She is beyond my wildest dreams! When I saw her my heart skipped a beat.  I think I collapsed.  Maybe I kowtowed, I don’t remember… I cannot thank you enough. It is my most favorite and valued piece of art. Ever. I would fall in love with it if I saw it hanging in a gallery window.  I love it even more because it was meant for me, every thoughtful and whimsical detail.  But I love it most of all because it was created by a wonderful, loving, intelligent, funny, kind, and most gifted person.”
– Annette Chai, Writer“Thank you Bjornik. It (Showtime) is a masterpiece. I really love it.”
– Amir Sufi-Saviach, Musician“I am very impressed and happy by the result. I was a bit scared to “give” money without any guarantee with the final result but what I see is more than I expected.”
– Julien Bouttemanne (Skinizi) on Engkanto


Yahoo! Southeast Asia, Tiger Beer, Kidrobot, Two Steps From Hell, Sounds of Subterranea (Germany), Ami Sufi-Saviach, Skinizi (France), Enrique Zobel Foundation , Aces Saatchi, Kult Singapore, Chateau 1770 and Mama Sita’s